New Permanent Store in Rust is Live


Rust is a survival game with a heavy emphasis on crafting. Players are dropped into the world without food, water, weapons, or any supplies, and they must scavenge what they can from the environment to survive. Rust has been around for years now, but one of the most requested features has always been an in-game store that players could use to buy items without having to spend hours crafting them. With the latest update, gamers will be able to purchase items directly from inside their games.

New In-Game Store

The Rust permanent store became available at 9:00 PM CEST on Thursday, 18 November 2020, according to Facepunch’s release tweet, “with the Nomad Hazmat skin and other new items permanently accessible!” The new update intends to develop the idea of spending real money on premium skins by “offering a core service of constantly available, high-quality cosmetic goods and coats that all gamers (new and old) can buy and use to have.

The game’s creators also consider the store a means for them to test cosmetics that players may enjoy, and it’s an excellent location to put them. According to their official news release, as stated in their complete statement. “Rust is a game that’s constantly evolving. This store will be an ongoing development where we’ll introduce new items, re-evaluate old ones and keep the player base informed of what they can expect!”

Premium Cosmetics

The Rust Permanent Store is now online. As for the new in-game shop’s components, the most notable addition is the Nomad suit, which gets its own trailer. The skin reskins the hazmat suit, as you may well imagine. Several additional items have also been announced, including lights, underwear, and a sofa. This is the first time that players will be able to purchase items directly from within their game. It was also revealed that the skins and other content they’ve previously released would not be tradeable. Players will be unable to trade or sell them.


Facepunch has promised to keep players updated on future additions with its official blog posts. The game itself remains unchanged apart from this new addition, so everyone can still enjoy Rust just like they always did!


This in-game store is an exciting new development for the game, which has been in open beta since 2013. It will be interesting to see what new items are added as time goes on, but it will be set up so that players may purchase them using real money or in-game currency acquired through gameplay. We have seen many games that have implemented similar features with great success and are bullish on this being a positive addition to Rust’s gameplay.


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