New World Bans Roughly 8,000 Bot Accounts


New World is a social, player-versus-player-focused MMO game that was launched in September. You awaken on the shores of a strange, uncharted island somewhere in the Atlantic ocean, which is known as Aeternum. The world is a fantasy realm with ghouls, ghosts, plant monsters, and magic. While the game takes place in the 16th century technically, and much of the apparel and weapons are inspired by the “Age of Discovery,” Aeternum is a fantastic world full of ghouls.

Community members have raised concerns about possible botting in New World, as the Amazon staff attempts to figure out the game’s future balance. Since the game’s release, there have been numerous issues that the developers have tried to address in a timely manner. The most recent, Bots. Thousands of accounts for automated gathering activity, commonly known as “botting,” have been banned by the developers of New World, Amazon Games’ flagship project. Concerned community members have expressed worries as Amazon workers attempt to establish the game’s future balance.

In New World, players are supposed to gather resources from the environment, which may be manufactured into valuable in-game items. Players may also sell their resources to one another for a profit. Third-party applications are frequently developed to automate the procedure in cases like these. Botting is a term used to describe this.

The developers are currently investigating server merges and transfers while also working to ensure that they do dedicated work against bots and potential exploits. Players of New World have been coming up with their own techniques to overcome this difficulty before Amazon acted. Because bots’ code is so simple, players have been able to disrupt their patterns and put roadblocks or get them into fights.

The Amazon Game Studios team is continuing to investigate methods of combating automated activity in their flagship title New World. Roughly 8000 bot accounts have been banned so far due to this, but many more are likely to be found and eliminated in the coming days and weeks.

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This news comes following other reports that the development team is working on server merges and player transfers and dedicating work against bots and exploits. With any new MMO launch, it’s important for developers to get a handle on these things early – especially when they’re dealing with an audience as passionate about their game as the one for New World appears to be.

The team at New World has had a rocky history since the game’s release, but they continue to work on problems and respond to concerns. In addition to banning bot accounts, they’ve been taking actions like restricting and then verifying Steam family sharing accounts as well as making modifications to early advancement rates in order to minimize rewards and gold early on in an attempt to make it less enticing for people attempting to create new characters for RMT or fraud.


While many would-be bot accounts have been caught, it is likely that there are still more out there. The developers at New World continue to work hard to ensure a seamless gaming experience for their audience of passionate players. They’ve made changes like restricting and verifying Steam family sharing accounts and making modifications to early advancement rates to minimize rewards and gold given during the initial stages of gameplay.

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